Discount Of Glovebox Stripper System Water Loading: Fusion Science And Know-how: Vol 71 No 4

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Hydrogen isotopes released into the gloveboxes are converted to oxide type and removed from the glovebox environment by the glovebox stripper techniques - the meant operate of those methods. Protiated water (and oxygen) enters the glovebox system in varied ways. All water in the gloveboxes is in the end removed by the stripper system molecular sieve beds which are then processed or disposed of as waste. The water and oxygen enter the glovebox in locations each inner and exterior to the gloveboxes. The majority of oxygen and water originates external to the gloveboxes in present facility operations.

- Clear and white acrylic building
- Excellent visible traits
- PS30 welded construction (museum high quality)
- Single and a number of entry doorways
- System access ports
- Accessible without or with gloves or iris ports
- Available as metal-free working space
- Microprocessor PID and ON/OFF controllers
- Humidity & temperature working system

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